This inner voice thinks it’s protecting you. Here are specific ways to move beyond its negativity.

Our inner critics badger us for saying the wrong things, missing opportunities, not meeting our goals, and on and on. In essence, they tell that we are not good enough.

I saw an old friend several times this past week who was in town to visit her daughter. The last…

Take a walk under the stars

Step by step peace returns before we settle in for the night.

I’m not sure how it started. I think my husband and I have always walked together. We walked and hiked foothills, mountains, and valleys countless times when we were dating. We walked the streets and neighborhoods in the…

How to reenter relationships and have the conversations that are needed to move forward

Reentering relationships is something we have to do over and over again in order to remain close, keep growing, and allow for transformation to occur.

Before she’d even seated herself, my client said, “We didn’t do a good job of reentering.” She and her husband had been on a month-long…

Who was really dying?

I was walking down the same roads in the foothills that I’d walked since childhood. I heard the crunch of the gravel with each footfall. The sun was warm on my face even in early December. I held my cellphone to my ear as my mom’s rescue Pit Bull, Fannie…

Grieving loved ones during the holiday season

Absently scrolling on Facebook, I saw an ad for an alfalfa sprout growing kit and flashed on the one my mom gave us years ago. Tears sprang to my eyes and my throat tightened. I thought, “…what the heck?” Then my eyes dropped down to the date on my monitor…

Patricia Marshall, Ph.D.

Patricia is a writer, psychologist, and life coach. You can find more of her writing at

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